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Valuable domain insights with the AutoDNS Chrome extension

AutoDNS Chrome Extension

AutoDNS Chrome Extension

With the launch of the AutoDNS extension, users get immediate access to functions of the domain platform in the Google Chrome browser. The desktop browser plug-in shows all relevant domain and website data within seconds. These include:

  • estimated domain value
  • similar available domains
  • Majestic Million rank
  • monthly search results
  • information about TLS/SSL certificates
  • WHOIS data

With the free Chrome extension, users now have a helpful tool for creating a domain scorecard. You can register suggested domains with just five clicks via the extension.

All relevant data at your fingertips

Using this extension, marketers and agencies can quickly and easily point out domains that are still available, analyze the current website and advise their customers even more specifically and efficiently in customer consultations. Brand, website and domain managers can keep a close eye on their own company, brand and product websites as well as those of their competitors. They can also act faster and proactively implement domain protection.

The AutoDNS Chrome extension is now available free for every Chrome Desktop user under

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