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Improved usability in the Domain Studio, enhanced price management and other updates

Various improvements and new features in version 1.34 provide an optimized user experience in AutoDNS.

Optimizations in AutoDNS 

Domain Studio: Usability optimizations

Various optimizations in Domain Studio make it even easier to find the perfect domain. New icons and other design optimizations improve the user experience. In addition, the dark mode view in the search history has been revised.

GlobalSign certificates with new options for collection

Following the end-of-life of Internet Explorer, previously required to issue code signing and document signing certificates from GlobalSign, three new pick-up options are now available:

  1. IE Compatibility Mode in Microsoft Edge (default option)
  2. Custom CSR key
  3. Fortify app

With these new options, GlobalSign certificates can now be implemented even more flexibly.

NodeSecure: Extended options for user rights

Blocked Access Control Lists (ACLs) at the main user level can now be enabled directly when editing ACLs for subusers. Main users can also view the ACLs locked for subusers. 

DigiCert VMC: Optimized logo upload 

The requirements for the DigiCert VMC logo upload have been updated. The file size requirements (maximum 32 KB) are validated directly during the upload. Users will be informed via an error message if the file size is exceeded. 

Optimizations in AutoDNS Pro

Price management: Price alert in Control Center



If sales prices stored in price lists are lower than the purchase prices, alerts are now displayed directly in the Control Center. The affected lists are clickable. Thus, they can be edited directly and with ease. 

The new price management gives Pro users full control over their pricing. Upgrade now and benefit from many expert features.

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