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New module: Price management

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The new price management module gives AutoDNS Pro users access to a set of powerful features. It enables AutoDNS Pro users to not only show defined sales prices to their customers, but also to set individual prices, promotions or markups for specific customers or customer groups by using custom price lists.

All price management features at a glance

The new price management module offers numerous features that enable users to flexibly set up and manage their own pricing:

  • Set individual customer prices
  • Create promotions with limited periods
  • Define markups and discounts
  • Set and assign group and promotional prices
  • Automatic and smart price rounding
  • Individually adjustable purchase limit
  • Useful overview of customers and all assigned price lists

Activating price management in AutoDNS Pro

Price management can be activated via the "Pro" menu item with just a click. You will find detailed information on how to set up price management and an overview of all features in our detailed Help Center article.

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If you have any questions about AutoDNS or the new price management module, your InterNetX Partner Manager will be happy to assist you.



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