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Create and link Sedo accounts directly in AutoDNS and other new features

AutoDNS Version 1.35

Create and link Sedo accounts directly in AutoDNS and other new features

New features in AutoDNS

Sedo account create

It is now possible to create a Sedo account directly in AutoDNS and to link the two accounts. This allows you to activate and use Sedo features with just a few clicks. So you can conveniently access features like the parking service or SedoMLS in AutoDNS without having to switch interfaces.

Here's how it works

The two accounts can be connected via the new Sedo product card under "Products & Services > Products" or through the new "Marketplace" tab in the portfolio. A Sedo account is required to use SedoMLS and the parking service in AutoDNS.

1. Linking an exisiting Sedo account

Once the connection has been activated, the option "Use existing account" must be selected in the following window. In the next step, specify the Sedo username and Registrar Listing ID. Sedo customers can find the Listing ID under the following link:

Listing ID at Sedo

2. Don't have a Sedo account yet? No problem!

If you don't have a Sedo account yet, you can now easily create one via the AutoDNS interface by selecting "Create new account". In the following steps, you will be asked to enter the account details for your new Sedo account. After submitting the data, users will receive an email with a confirmation link. By clicking on the link, the account will be created and will be available shortly after.

Optimizations in AutoDNS

Extended filter options in the zone overview

New filter options have been added to the zone portfolio. This enables users to apply various new operators (e.g. "contains", "does not contain", etc.) via the advanced filter. A new exclusion filter has also been added.

New features in AutoDNS Pro

Price management: Activate subusers directly

When creating subusers ("User management > + / New user"), they can now be directly activated for price management. A corresponding switch "Activate user" has been added to the input window. This new feature will be further optimized with the next release.

With the new price management, Pro users have full control over their pricing. Upgrade now and benefit from many expert features.


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