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Knowledge resources in the Media Center and various UX optimizations

New features in AutoDNS

Media Center: Resources 

The AutoDNS Media Center was updated to include the new tab “Resources”. There you will find useful guides and information regarding the InterNetX product range. To start with, we published a practical certificate guide, giving you a convenient overview of all encryption products offered by InterNetX.


Optimizations in AutoDNS 

Enhanced inventory export for zones

As with the domain inventory export, it is now also possible to freely configure the columns for exporting zones.

Improved CSR generator 

According to the new guidelines of the CA/Browser Forum, the Organization Unit (OU) may no longer be part of the Certificate Signing Request (CSR). We have updated our systems accordingly and also improved the CSR generator in AutoDNS at the same time. In addition to various design optimizations and enhanced error messages, additional fields (such as Hash, Organization, SAN) have been added. 

AutoDNS CSR Generator

AutoDNS Pro: Improved upgrade process

The process of upgrading to AutoDNS Pro has been revised to avoid conflicts with zones in DomainSafe. Customers are now notified when upgrading to AutoDNS Pro if the associated zone in DomainSafe prevents automatic zone provisioning. Additionally, customers now have the option to directly remove the zone from DomainSafe.

AuthInfo: Simplified handling

The handling of AuthInfo in AutoDNS has been improved. It is now possible to request AuthInfo directly in the domain form via the “More” menu. In addition, it is now possible to send the AuthInfo to the domain owner via email. For security reasons, AuthInfos may not be created in bulk.

AutoDNS AuthInfo

Cancellation of bulk terminations

It is now possible to cancel domain terminations in bulk. Once at least one domain with an active cancellation order has been selected in the portfolio, a "Manage cancellations" option becomes available via the "More” menu.

Enhanced TLD search in the portfolio

The search for a top-level domain (TLD) in the domain portfolio has been optimized. The search now also works for components of a TLD. For example, a search for ".so" will also return ".solution" as a result. The portfolio overview has also been expanded to include the "TLD" column.

TLD portfolio filter

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