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User-defined time zone and many other updates

AutoDNS Changelog V. 1.28

New functions in AutoDNS

User management: set time zone

You can now set the preferred time zone in the user management yourself. All data, like certain expiration dates, will then be listed in the selected time zone, allowing customers in other zones to view the data in their own time zone. This avoids potential deviations caused by CET/CEST time differences.

Set your own custom time zone in AutoDNS


External registrars: import own domain lists

The function "External registrars" allows the import of your own domain lists. You must first create a new profile for the imports, after which TXT and CSV lists can be imported directly in AutoDNS.


Domain portfolio: copy domain names to clipboard 

Selected domains can now be copied to clipboard in your domain portfolio. This enables you to access domain lists quickly without having to first carry out a CSV export.

copy domain names to clipboard 


Trademark zone scan: scheduled scans

The trademark zone scan now allows you to schedule recurring scans. For this purpose, a separate overview of the scheduled scans has been implemented, so that they are clearly separated from the existing scan results.


Optimizations in AutoDNS 

Improved shopping cart: detailed view of all invoice items

The shopping cart offers a new and more detailed view of all invoice items. A more concise display of fee-based items and the subsequent costs is now available.

Shopping Cart: Detailed view of all invoice items


Improved shopping cart: icon for premium domains

Premium domains in the shopping cart are now visually highlighted with an icon, making them easy to recognize.

Icon for premium domains


Additional filter options: owners 

The additional filter in the overviews now includes the option “Owner”, allowing searches in the portfolio to be carried out for a specific owner. 

Filter domains by owner


Optimizations in AutoDNS Pro

AutoDNS Pro: subuser menu configuration

The AutoDNS Pro configuration for menus and menu items has been improved. AutoDNS Pro users can now easily hide certain functions. Individual menu items are always only valid for the own user and are not inherited for subusers.

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