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Screenshots for trademark zone scan and many other new additions

AutoDNS Changelog Version 1.27

New functions in AutoDNS

Create screenshots with trademark zone scans

If a possible trademark infringement is discovered during a trademark scan, the relevant website can be recorded with the help of a screenshot thanks to this new feature. This helps you to quickly and easily document potential fraud sites.

Trademark Zone Scans Screenshot Feature


Keyword monitoring email notification

In case of any warnings after keyword scan has been completed, you now have the option to receive an email notification and can follow a deep link to view the scan result directly in the AutoDNS interface.

Keyword monitoring email notification


Extended SAN display for TLS/SSL orders 

Additional alternative names will be listed under the new “SANs” tab in the order summary.




Product limit visibility

For more efficient monitoring of usage, the display of limits has been added to all product cards, if available. Products that are now "unlimited" have been adjusted.


Expire filter optimized

The expire filter has been optimized and implemented in the portfolio as well as in the renew/restore overview. You can now use the expire filter comprehensively for domains.


Improvement for bulk creates in domain multi tool 

For bulk domain orders carried out via the multi tool, it was previously not possible to configure contacts or DNS settings in the shopping cart. The domain multi tool has now been optimized so that a list with all included domains is displayed, allowing you to directly configure the contacts for the order. 

To enable the full generation of zones in bulk with domain orders, you can specify individual DNS settings in the shopping cart.

Domain register

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