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Automatic zone provisioning, simplified price list assignment & other quality-of-life improvements

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Optimizations in AutoDNS

Automatic zone provisioning for custom name servers

The automatic zone provisioning for custom name servers has been simplified. The system now checks whether the name servers are managed internally or externally and will offer either automatic provisioning or automatic migration accordingly.


Intelligent form for completing user data

The process of completing user data when logging in to AutoDNS for the first time has been streamlined. Data entered in the form fields is validated in real time and errors are marked permanently. The form can be saved only after all errors have been corrected.

Custom default phone prefix

Until now, the German area code (+49) was preselected by default in the user administration or when creating new domain contacts.

The country code of the AutoDNS user will now automatically be preselected for new contacts. For example, if a user from Switzerland creates new domain contacts, the prefix (+41) will be applied by default.


New features in AutoDNS Pro

Price management: Price list assignment during user invite

It is now possible to directly assign an existing price list when creating a subuser.


Optimizations in AutoDNS Pro

Price management: Overdraft limit for subusers

To avoid a source of frequent errors, an overdraft limit now has to be set for new subusers. The limit can be adjusted at any time and can be set independently for each subuser.

Pro tip: Pro users have full control over their pricing with the new price management module. Upgrade now and benefit from many expert features.

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